rethinking the workshop

workers’ education in the age of intelligent machines

irving penn pixillated

Saturday 22nd July, 12.00 – 16.00, at the Photographers’ Gallery, London.

Link to event: rethinking the workshop

What kind of work is photography? In the face of increasing automation and precarious working conditions how can the ‘photographic worker’ respond? Does the camera and digital network now play the role of ‘middle management’?

Automation is Killing 2

In this half-day practical workshop, educators and artists Adam Brown and Nicolas Maleve will experiment with ideas of photographic ‘work’ in the studio, experiment practically with machine learning, online piecework, and photographic studio practice, in the context of a discussion about creative work and its value.


A workshop for artists, students, educators and anyone concerned with the politics of digital culture or creative practice. No experience necessary.

Nicolas Maleve is a visual artist, self-taught software developer, and PhD researcher at the Centre for the Study of the Networked Image at London South Bank University.

Adam Brown is Senior Lecturer in Photography at LSBU, and writes and teaches about change in photography, with an emphasis on process, reflexivity and digital architecture.

The Scandinavian Institute for Computational Vandalism


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